Estancia Huechahue

Patagonia, Argentina


Estancia Huechahue

Estancia Huechahue

Experience the wide-open hospitality of a traditional Argentina Estancia. Estancia Huechahue (pronounced 'way-cha-way') is a working cattle ranch in Argentina Patagonia.

Four generations of the Wood family have worked on these 15,000 acres of Patagonian Steppe to produce a self-sufficient oasis and thriving cattle operation.

Patagonia is beautiful, rugged and wild. Life is always an adventure, whether you are out on the hills on horseback or on the river with fly rod in hand. Huechahue maintains traditional values and customs whilst welcoming visitors into a unique world where horses and cattle still roam free and food is home grown.

On Huechahue we have great horses, masses of space and lots to do on horseback.

You can ride through barren rolling hills and along the narrow rocky gorges of the Andean streams; to the tops of the hills where the mighty Andes rise up behind you and the vastness of Patagonia stretches out before you. Gallop across water meadows, visit the Indian burial caves, help the gauchos work the cattle and have a game of polocrosse.

Huechahue is not a dude ranch, it is the real thing! When working cattle we start early in the mornings and days can be long, every animal must be found, every canyon and hilltop scouted, behind bushes or down creeks, but there is tremendous satisfaction when the job is done.

The time of year determines what needs to be done but it can include round-ups, vaccinating, separating, branding, moving cattle and horses to new pastures. Herding horses at speed is magic!

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