Estancia Los Potreros

Cordoba, Argentina


Los Potreros

Estancia Los Potreros dates from 1574 when breeding mules for the silver mines in Peru was the main activity on the hills. Cattle replaced mules during the last century and today the estancia provides an idyllic retreat for horse riding and nature lovers.

The main activity for guests whilst staying at Estancia Los Potreros is exploring the wonderful countryside from the privileged viewpoint of the back of a horse.

Young or old, experienced or novice, the beautiful riding can be experienced by just about everyone, and our lovely horses make sure that each guest has a truly individual experience. Our horses are ridden 'Western style', in a relaxed manner with loose reins.

The horses

The estancia is exceptionally proud of its reputation of having outstanding horses for guests to enjoy, and with a riding herd of over 80, there is something for everyone. The horses, mainly bred on the estancia, are responsive, sure-footed and willing. The varied work that they take part in including rounding up cattle, taking out guests or playing polo, combined with the natural lifestyle they lead in an un-stabled herd environment means the horses are always fresh, interested and keen to do their jobs.

The herd is a mixture of Criollos, Paso Peruanos and crossbreeds. The strong and sensible Criollo is the work horse of choice for the Argentina gaucho, whilst the estancia is actively breeding Paso Peruanos, a unique horse that has 5 gaits or paces (instead of 4) which provides an extremely comfortable and memorable riding experience.


The Cordoba region is rich in history and has plenty to do and explore for those who do not want to spend all of their time at the estancia. There are three excellent golf courses about an hour from the estancia or a day-trip out can take you to Candonga church and a visit to Santa Catalina.

The university city of Cordoba is the second largest in Argentina, and aside from shopping, offers the oldest cathedral in Argentina. The Carmelite convent and adjacent chapel of Santa Teresa also offer a fine collection of religious art. It has a lively nightlife, and plenty of cafes to pass an hour or so watching the world go by.

Argentinas love a celebration and so there are some really special local events in the area that are easily accessible from the estancia. The calendar year starts with the National Rodeo and Folkloric Music Festival which takes place usually in the second week of January. This festival combines two of the gauchos' biggest loves – horses and music. The national rodeo championships are combined with the best in Argentina folklore music at this annual spectacle.

The following month brings the Dia de Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria at La Estancita, the local church to Los Potreros. This very local and rural event is a celebration to the Virgin Mary. A mass is followed by a procession, carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary, with both followers on foot and a gaucho cavalcade on horseback. As part of the local community, the Begg family love to attend this ceremonial day, arriving by horseback, and allowing guests to witness a truly unique local celebration.

Home grown

The main house at Los Potreros is steeped in family history with many references to the days of the Jesuits who first organized farming in the area. Meals at the estancia are varied and delicious. Freshly baked bread and homemade dishes are supplemented by the estancias own organically grown vegetables, fruit and free-range eggs and beef is supplied from our own herd. Our excellent cook can cater for a range of special dietary requirements, and Estancia Los Potreros 'own label' wines accompany the meals. Lunch and dinner are taken together at the family table, usually hosted by one of the Begg family.

With a maximum of 12 guests, you receive a truly personal experience. And no stay at the estancia would be complete without experiencing one of Kevin Begg's famous wine-tastings!