Limpopo Horse Safaris

Tuli Block, Botswana


Limpopo Horse Safaris

Tuli Trail Safari

Our classic and very popular safari is the Tuli Trail: a seven night mobile safari, ending each riding day in comfortable walk-in tents with beds, cozy duvets, hot showers and fine dining in lovely settings. A highlight of the trail is two nights spent sleeping out under the stars in an old tribal court called the Kgotla; other nights are at various wilderness camps. The ride covers approximately 120 miles over the course of the week and is scheduled from April to October.

African Explorer Safari

Combine two wonderful destinations in the African Explorer Safari - 4 nights at Camp Davidson in South Africa and 3 nights at Two Mashatus camp in the Tuli block.

Camp Davidson captures the camp atmosphere of the late 19th century. Ted Davidson, one of the first members of the Baber family (owners of Triple B Ranch) to settle in the Waterberg, was a young man trading by ox wagon to remote cattle outposts of a young ranching area. A good days travelling may have been only five miles or so by rugged track, and so an itinerant life in the Waterberg meant a life by the campfire.

Accommodation is in beautiful decked canvas tents nestled amongst the sandstone ridges overlooking grassy game filled valleys. Each tent is appointed as it would have been in Ted's day with classic items that would have been essential to the traveller accustomed to regular nights in the bush.

Two Mashatus is a permanent tented camp set in a grove of giant Nyala berry trees otherwise known as Mashatu's, just a stone's throw from the mighty Limpopo River. In true African style the tents are raised on timber decks and boast en-suite hot showers and toilet facilities.

African Bush and Lodge Ride

The Bush n Lodge Safari is a seven night mobile safari utilizing two or three very different accommodation types. Starting and ending at the Two Mashatus (see above).

We also use a mixture of wonderful private lodges, the lodges give the added benefit of relaxing gardens, cooling pools, luxurious bathrooms and wonderfully appointed bedrooms. When the weather allows two nights are spent at the Kgotla Boma.

Sleeping out under the stars in the wilderness of Africa is always a memorable experience. The constant sounds of the night, hyenas whooping, Lions growling and Elephants snapping branches are memories to treasure, and even in the safety of the wooden kraal there is always a sense of being tangibly close to nature.

The Horses

The horses have been individually selected for their temperament and ride-ability. They have been carefully chosen from the various South African breeds, which are well known for being of a tougher nature - able to cope under extreme conditions.

Limpopo Horse Safaris prides itself on horses that have been selected with the same stringent criteria as those selected for eventing and other equine competitive sports. Our schooling concentrates on classical English style, although they neck rein when in the bush. They are schooled to a very high level and respond easily and lightly to the aids.

We use good quality, comfortable McLellan saddles with saddlebags including water bottles and have a few Australian stock saddles available for those who prefer.

The Terrain

The Northern Tuli Game Reserve (about 120,000 hectares), an area of history and legend, offers some of the most exciting game viewing in Africa, and is located in the remote north eastern corner of Botswana, at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers, an area known historically as the Tuli enclave, a diverse wilderness of savannah, riverine forests, marshland, open plains and sandstone outcrops. The terrain comprises a network of dry riverbeds, rocky sandstone outcrops and high ridges with views that stretch for endless miles across Africa's interminable game rich plains. It is a place of exceptional beauty, and one ideally suited for exploration from the back of a horse.


Guests must be experienced riders. They must ride regularly (at least once or twice a week) and be comfortable at a canter and gallop as well as being able to do small jumps should they have to. Our horses are mostly English schooled, so we highly recommend that Western riders have a course of lessons in English style prior to arrival.

Many of our guests are singles and we do not charge extra as long as they are willing to share a tent with a same sex person. If possible we will accommodate you in a single tent.


All rides are conducted by two experienced professional guides; the lead guide is armed with a rifle and a bull whip. All management staff and guides do regular first aid training with a specialised Doctor for remote areas. The lead guide has a local phone and a radio for use in emergencies. Hard hats are compulsory, please bring your own well fitting hard hat.