The Riding Safari Association is a unique collection of handpicked adventure riding companies, all aimed at providing you with a remarkable riding experience. Enjoy authentic trail-rides and genuine cattle ranch vacations, galloping across South American pampas, alongside majestic game on an African wildlife safari or bareback through South Africa's stunning Waterberg mountains and lakes.

No two rides are alike. Whether you are a novice or proficient rider or part of a mixed-ability group of family and friends, we will help you find the perfect ride and destination.

To qualify as a member of the Riding Safari Association, a riding company must score extremely high on quality, reputation and safety. Every one of us has consistently excelled in all three of these areas. We are all owner-run; we have a proven track record of excellence and have provided superb holidays for over 20 years.

The result is a worldwide collection of highly reputable horsemen and women, known as being amongst the very best in their field. Each one aims to provide you with an exceptional and unique riding vacation.