Booking with us

You can either book directly with each of the rides featured on this website by using their direct contact details, or you can book using a travel agent/tour operator. There are a number of specialist horse riding holiday companies across the world, all of which will be able to book your adventure, as well as specialist Africa/South America tour operators who can assist you.

If you book with a specialist travel company then they will also be able to assist you with flights and other elements of your holiday, such as adding a beach or city break to your riding safari. They will also be able to offer you unbiased advice on which safari may be the best to suit you and your families/friends needs. 

For general advice you are welcome to contact us on [email protected] . We are happy to put you in touch with the relevant operator or to suggest your nearest tour operator.

Some of the most well-known tour operators include the following:

Aardvark Safaris (UK)

Bench International (Australia)

Caval & Go (France)

Cavaliers du Monde (France)

Cheval d'Aventure (France)

Classic Safari Company (Australia)

Equitour (Switzerland)

Equitours (USA)

Equus Journeys (UK)

Far and Ride (UK)

Horsexplore (Scandinavia)

Il Mondo a Cavallo (Italy)

In the Saddle (UK)

Paardenpas (Netherlands)

Pferde Safari (Germany)

Randocheval (France)

Reitereizen Pegasus (Germany)

Reit-Safari (Germany)

Rid & Rejs (Denmark)

Ride World Wide (UK)

Scott Dunn (USA)

Unicorn Trails (UK)

XXL Adventure (Norway)